RU Psych In Action

"It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness" Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt is at the heart of the Psychology in Action movement; she represents all that is kind, inspirational, socially just, and graciously strong.  Psychology in Action is an aspect of Roosevelt Universty that provides an outlet for the campus to uplift the community and to learn from those who we inspire.  Through random acts of kindness, volunteering, and donations, we aid agencies in the community and enhance the health of our own Roosevelt campuses.  This is not only beneficial to our community, but also it provides our Roosevelt students experiential learning opportunities.

Our Mission Statement

RU Psych in Action is dedicated to the Campus to Community Outreach Initiative of the Provost's Office which aims to:

1. Orchestrate interdisciplinary collaborations to enhance the health and unity of Roosevelt University,

2. Support our community partners that provide services to marginalized people including anyone who is at an increased risk of trauma or loss of hope due to ethnicity, poverty, age, mental illness, developmental disability, or prior experiences of injustice,

3. Uplift our nations heros including our military and those who inspire, overcome adversity, or demonstrate the spirit of RU.